__Rayleigh Thermometry__

Rayleigh Thermometry

The analysis and optimization of combustion processes requires accurate measurement of several parameters, out of which temperature distribution is one of the most important.

Designed for clean combustion environments with high temperature gradient, Dantec Dynamics’ Rayleigh Thermometry system provides all the tools needed for measurements of two-dimensional temperature maps in combustion and heat transfer studies. The technique offers very wide dynamic range that can measure variation from room temperature all the way up to flame temperatures within a single measurement.

Rayleigh ThermometryMeasurement in a lab flame (left) where temperature maps (center) were calculated by Dantec Dynamics Rayleigh Thermometry software. The cross-sectional temperature profile half way from the burner nozzle to the top of the flame cone is shown (right).


Non-intrusive global measurement of temperature in flames Full control of hardware from the software
Comprehensive processing interface, providing full overview over all involved parameters User-controlled species mixture library for effortless calculation of global temperature maps
High measurement accuracy with automatic correction for variations in pressure, gas scattering cross-section and laser pulse energy Tools for statistical analysis, histograms and probability density functions of the temperature data
Multi-parameter measurements by combination with e.g. Laser-Induced Fluorescence  

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Rayleigh Thermometry


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