Laser Doppler Anemometry

Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) Measurement Systems

LDA 2-component measurement around a helicopter model in a wind tunnel.

Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA), also known as Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV), is an optical technique ideal for non-intrusive 1D, 2D and 3D point measurement of velocity and turbulence distribution in both free flows and internal flows.

Science and industry apply our LDA systems to gain a clearer understanding of fluid mechanics. The measurement results are important steps in fine-tuning product designs to improve aerodynamic efficiency, quality and safety.


Non intrusive No calibration required
Velocity range 0 to supersonic One, two or three velocity components simultaneously
Measurement distance from centimeters to meters Flow reversals can be measured
High spatial and temporal resolution Instantaneous and time averaged

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Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) Measurement SystemsMeasurement Principles

The Laser Doppler Anemometer, or LDA, is a widely accepted tool for fluid dynamic investigations in gases and liquids and has been used as such for more than three decades.Read More

Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) Measurement SystemsApplication Examples

Wind tunnel experiments for testing aerodynamics of e.g. cars, trains, aircraft, buildings and other objects/structures. Read More


Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) Measurement SystemsLDA

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