Optical Filters

45 Years of Optical Manufacturing Excellence

Established in 1967, Newport's Franklin Facility has been supplying Corion® optical filters & coatings for over 45 years. Our product lines have grown from a start-up operation with three thin-film deposition systems focused solely upon soft-film deposition, to a full-scale design/production operation with over 25 thin-film deposition systems.

Optical Coating Technology

We employ several different coating technologies to manufacture our optical filters. This provides us with the unique advantage of determining the best-matched coating technology for the product design after thorough consideration of the operating environment, spectral requirements, physical characteristics, application requirements, and economic targets. 
Stabilife® coating technology is the choice for the most demanding optical filter applications. Two different coating processes are used to manufacture Stabilife coatings: Reactive Ion Plating and Hybrid Plasma Deposition. Both of these processes produce highly dense, environmentally stable and durable thin films. For less demanding applications, we use PVD technologies including both e-beam and resistance evaporation. 
Thermal Evaporation of Soft-Films and Semi-Hard Films encompasses the widest range of coating materials and deposition methods and is perhaps the most flexible in terms of meeting extreme technical requirements. 
Hybrid Solutions: Our broad and diverse collection of thin film manufacturing technologies allows our engineering staff to select the best solution for our customers needs opening up the possibility of hybrid solutions of two or more of our coating technologies.

OEM Optical Filters and Coatings

Whether the goal is decoding the human genome, or determining distance from tee to pin, our optical filters & coatings are a key enabler of measurement and control technology. Our applications experience gives us an unsurpassed capability to serve the needs of OEM customers from design to high-volume production. Our OEM expertise enhances our ability to serve end-users who require custom products as well. Our products span the spectrum from 200nm to 16 µm. The majority of the optical filters and coatings that we supply are custom designed and manufactured."